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What Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry?

Do you worry or feel anxious when it is time for you to visit the dentist? Many patients in Katy, TX experience the very same thing and have found relief with the relaxing effects of nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide (N2O) gas, which is also widely known as "laughing gas," can help ease your nerves and let you relax when you need to visit our team for routine care, restorative treatments, or other types of treatment. Nitrous oxide gas is inhaled through a small mask that sits comfortably over your nose throughout your procedure. While breathing in this odorless gas, you remain awake but feel relaxed, calm, and worry-free. It is safe for children, teens, and adults and has no after-effects. Let our caring team help you overcome your fear of the dentist with sedation dentistry options. Contact Made Ya Smile today and ask about nitrous oxide for your next dental visit.

Who Is a Candidate for Nitrous Oxide Gas?

Choosing nitrous oxide gas for dental visits can help patients of all ages relax and get the quality care they need for a healthy and attractive smile. Though our team takes a gentle approach and has created a warm and welcoming practice atmosphere, we want you to be completely comfortable and are happy to offer sedation options. To better understand your dental needs and fears, our dentist will review your dental and medical histories and learn more about your oral health. In many cases, our team here at Made Ya Smile will pair nitrous oxide sedation with local anesthetics to ensure your entire procedure is comfortable and carefree.

Nitrous oxide is a mild sedative that may be used for most types of treatments when you feel nervous over having dental treatment. You may find that choosing nitrous oxide gas for routine dental cleanings, tooth extractions, restorative care, and other procedures helps put you right at ease and able to overcome your dental fears. Patients who have COPD, breathing problems or more advanced types of dental phobias may not be the best candidates for receiving nitrous oxide sedation.

How Does Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation Work?

At the start of your procedure, our team will position a small rubber mask over your nose, through which you will begin to gently breathe in the nitrous oxide gas. This conscious sedation option works rather quickly and does not usually cause you to go to sleep. Within minutes, you will begin to relax and feel a sense of peace. You may also feel happy, content, and even giddy and may notice a warm and tingling feeling in your hands and feet. Throughout your procedure, our dentist and team will continually monitor the gas and oxygen levels and make adjustments as required to keep you calm and relaxed. If needed, a local anesthetic may also be used in conjunction with nitrous oxide sedation to maximize your comfort and best cater to your treatment needs. The gas will be stopped when your procedure is complete and oxygen will be administered through the mask to stabilize your body.

What to Expect After Nitrous Oxide Sedation

One of the great benefits of nitrous oxide gas is that it carries no after-effects. Nitrous oxide also leaves the body within about 3 – 5 minutes, allowing you to return to normal quickly and drive yourself home following your visit. However, there is a small chance that nausea, vomiting, chills, a headache, or fatigue may be experienced after inhaling nitrous oxide gas. You can reduce the risk of nausea or vomiting by having a light snack before you are scheduled to arrive at our office. It may also be best to avoid each a large meal for about three hours after you leave our office. If a local anesthetic was used to numb your mouth, we urge you to avoid eating until you are no longer numb. Most patients who have nitrous oxide doe not have any side effects from this type of sedation dentistry option. Please contact our Katy, TX team right away if you have any questions or concerns following your treatment with nitrous oxide sedation.

Is Nitrous Oxide Sedation Covered by Insurance?

At Made Ya Smile, we want every patient feel comfortable getting the treatment needed to enjoy better dental health. A member of our team will contact your dental insurance provider to learn if coverage is offered for nitrous oxide sedation. Please do not let anxiety get in your way of achieving the beautiful smile you deserve. Our Katy, TX team will help you find a viable solution for covering the cost of sedation if you have out-of-pocket expenses. We accept several forms of payment and can assist you in applying for low-cost or interest-free financing through CareCredit®.

Ease Dental Anxiety

If dental anxiety is getting keeping you from visiting the dentist, partner with a team who can help you relax and enjoy your dental appointments. Nitrous oxide gas is a mild sedation option that puts you right at ease and dissolves your worry within minutes. Ideal for most types of dental visits, nitrous oxide does not leave you feeling drowsy and has no lingering after-effects, allowing you to go about your normal routine right away. Let our caring Katy, TX dentist and team help you overcome your dental fears. Schedule a visit at Made Ya Smile to learn more about your options for sedation dentistry.

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