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What Is Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

At Made Ya Smile, we understand how having a complete and healthy smile can positively impact many aspects of your life. Conditions like extensive decay or worn teeth, the loss of natural teeth, and other types of oral damage can certainly affect your self-confidence and even your ability to eat and speak with ease. Full-mouth reconstruction is a comprehensive treatment approach offered at our practice that combines a range of procedures to create total oral health and wellness. Using this whole-mouth approach to care, our talented dentist can simultaneously address your cosmetic desires, comfort, restorative needs, and function to create the most attractive and healthiest smile that dentistry can offer.

Since every patient's needs and cosmetic goals for their smile differ, our dentist will customize full-mouth reconstruction treatment plans that include the procedures needed to bring total health back to the smile. These treatments are designed to work together to improve your ability to bite, chew, speak, smile, and enjoy your life in much greater comfort and with improved self-confidence. Full-mouth treatment plans may include services like crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, veneers, and teeth whitening solutions. Some patients may require other procedures to improve overall oral health, such as tooth extractions, root canals, or gum grafting treatments. Whatever your comprehensive needs may be, our experienced Katy, TX team is ready to help you take the first step towards your full mouth dental implant restoration.

Am I a Candidate for Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

Our dentist is highly skilled in a wide range of procedures. To ensure the most comprehensive treatment for your smile, we may collaborate with specialists to provide procedures like bone and gum grafting or complex types of oral surgical care. Full-mouth reconstruction treatment plans are customized to include one or more procedures to help bring health and beauty back to your smile. This may be an ideal approach to care if you have old restorations (such as bridges, crowns, or fillings) that are breaking down or cracked, broken, decayed, or damaged teeth that are not serving your smile in the best possible way. Teeth that have suffered chemical or mechanical erosion can often be brought back to their former function and appearance with full mouth procedures. Some patients turn to this type of care to overcome cosmetic concerns, such as dark discoloration or stain, teeth that failed to fully develop, misshapen or small teeth, and mottled and translucent teeth, or other genetic problems that occurred when the teeth were developing.

What Happens During a Full-Mouth Reconstruction Treatment?

Your unique full-mouth reconstruction treatment plan will be created specifically to match your personal goals for your smile and oral health needs. To learn more about you, our dentist will spend time talking with you and learning more about your preferences, treatment needs, and any concerns that you may have. 3D oral scans and digital x-rays will be taken to give us a comprehensive look at all of your treatment needs. We will also create study models of your teeth to evaluate your bite and the best plan for your desired outcomes. Along with checking your temporomandibular joints (jaw joints), our dentist will examine your facial profile to determine the best treatment and cosmetic approach for you. Once we have all of this information, we will present your treatment options. Together, we can plan the ideal approach for helping you optimal smile results.

Full-mouth reconstruction may be carried out over a few weeks or months, based on your individual plan. You can always count on our team to keep you informed every step of the way and will do everything we can to ensure that your visits are pleasant and positive. A local anesthetic will be used when needed and can be paired with sedation dentistry for an even more relaxing experience. Your plan may consist of procedures that work together simultaneously to bring function and appearance back to your smile. These may include crowns, bridges, dental implants, dentures, inlays or onlays, porcelain veneers, root canals, TMJ therapy, teeth whitening, and tooth extractions. In some cases, we may consult with a periodontist or orthodontist if your results will be better served these specialized types of procedures. Whether your needs are simple or more extensive, our full-service practice is ready to give your smile the attention it deserves.

What Happens After a Full-Mouth Reconstruction Treatment?

Each phase of your full-mouth dental implant restoration care may carry different post-operative instructions. Our team will be sure to instruct you on how to best care for your mouth and restorations after each individual procedure and visit. The best technique for brushing and flossing and other types of home care will be reviewed with you to help you enjoy the best possible oral health while undergoing your treatment. Following some procedures, you may have minor discomfort or swelling that could be well-managed with over-the-counter pain relievers and cold packs against the jaw. You may also find it more comfortable to eat a soft food diet during this time, especially if you are having teeth extracted or dental implants placed. Maintaining routine dental cleaning and exam visits during the process and thereafter are important to keeping your teeth, gums, and new restorations in the best possible shape. Our dentist and team will continually evaluate your mouth and let you know if any areas require additional attention to maintain health.

Will Insurance Cover My Full-Mouth Reconstruction?

Since full-mouth reconstruction plans are typically made up of more than one type of procedure, we will review each treatment individually to determine if your dental insurance provides coverage. At Made Ya Smile in Katy, TX, we want every patient who visits our practice to have access to the complete care needed for a healthy and vibrant smile. To help make your total mouth reconstruction cost as affordable as possible, we will work with you to find options that suit both your treatment needs and your budget. Our practice accepts several easy payment methods and partners with CareCredit® for low-cost or interest-free financing solutions for our patients.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction FAQ

What does full-mouth dental implant restoration involve?
Your full-mouth treatment needs will vary based on your dental goals. When you undergo full-mouth reconstruction, it is common that you might experience:

  • Gum recontouring
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder treatment
  • Tooth extractions
  • Corrective jaw surgery
  • Crown lengthening
  • Bone grafting
  • Dental restorations (dental crowns, veneers, fillings, inlays, onlays, dental bridges, dentures, or dental implants)
  • Orthodontics
  • Root canal therapy

Is full-mouth treatment painful? 
It is our job to keep you comfortable and provide stunning results. We make sure to numb the area — so you only feel minimal discomfort if any. If you have additional concerns about this treatment, contact our team so we can go over our sedation options with you.

Is full-mouth reconstruction like a smile makeover?
Smile makeovers and full-mouth treatments are similar because they offer a plethora of customizable treatments. But, the reason for each differs. With a smile makeover, it is focused more on the cosmetic aspect, while a full mouth dental implant restoration is focused on restoring function and improving oral health.

Schedule Your Full-Mouth Reconstruction Appointment

A comfortable, gorgeous, and healthy smile is something that we believe all patients have a right to enjoy. Full-mouth treatment from our comprehensive dental practice in Katy, TX addresses cosmetic goals, oral health needs, and functional concerns from a whole-mouth approach. Our experienced dentist and team are dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality care, regardless of whether you need simple or extensive types of treatment. To learn how full-mouth reconstruction can improve your overall quality of life, contact Made Ya Smile and schedule your visit with our dentist today.

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