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What Are Athletic Mouth Guards?

Sports and other types of physical activities are a big part of our patients' lives. But over the years, we have seen many accidents and injuries affect the smile when the teeth and gums went unprotected during sporting activities. Wearing a protective mouth guard when engaging in athletics can help minimize the risk of oral injury and save you a trip to the dentist for emergency care. At Made Ya Smile in Katy, TX, our dentist is pleased to offer custom athletic mouth guards to our patients and their families. Kids, teenagers, adults who play sports of any kind can enjoy the benefits of custom-made mouth guards.

Contact sports like football, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and wrestling all carry the risk of oral injury. But even non-contact sporting activities, such as weight lifting and running, can place strain on the jaw and teeth, risking oral damage as well. Keep your family's smile healthy and protected during sports with custom athletic mouth guards from our team. We make these appliances to cover the teeth and gums and minimize damage to soft tissues your smile if you do happen to be hit in the face or jaw while playing sports. Get in touch with our friendly team today to schedule your visit and mouth guard consultation.

Who Is a Candidate for Athletic Mouth Guards?

Partnering with your family dentist to create a custom athletic mouth guard can protect your smile from damage or injury during sporting activities. Our mouth guards are professionally created in a professional dental lab and made of the highest quality materials. Since our athletic mouth guards are customized to fit each individual's mouth, many patients find professional mouth guards more comfortable and effective than the boil-and-bite varieties available at drugstores or sporting goods stores. Custom athletic guards are made to sit in between your teeth and cover your teeth and gums. Our dentist recommends that anyone of any age who engages in contact or non-contact sports wear a protective athletic mouth guard to reduce injury to their smiles. Mouth guards are also highly effective at protecting the smiles of patients who wear braces or have crowns, veneers, or additional restorations on the front teeth.

Even a small bump to the mouth during sports can knock-out a tooth or cause other types of oral damage. We recommend athletic mouth guards for both contact and non-contact sports, including martial arts, wrestling, boxing, football, hockey, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, and soccer and low impact activities like running, yoga, and weight lifting.

How Are Sports Mouth Guards Made?

To ensure the best possible fit for an athletic mouth guard, our dentist will examine your mouth and jaw and discuss the types of sports you play. Our team will also take impressions of your mouth and make study models of your teeth so that we can plan for the type of appliance and material that can offer the best protection for your smile. Mouth guards are made of highly durable materials that are comfortable to wear. We will then forward specific directions and your study models over to our dental lab to custom-create your athletic mouth guards. These appliances can be personalized in your favorite color or a combination of team colors. A couple of weeks later, we will have you return to our office to try in your new mouth guard. Our dentist will carefully check the fit and can make any adjustments to ensure your comfort if necessary. Our team will also share with you the best methods to use for cleaning and storing your mouth guard.

How Can I Care for My Mouth Guard Appliance?

Taking care of your custom mouth protector for sports by cleaning and storing it properly in a hard plastic case after each use is the best way to keep it in good shape. Wearing it as recommended by our dentist can also greatly help to minimize the risk of oral injury when you play sports. Getting into the habit of taking it with you whenever you go to practice, a game, or the gym is the best thing you can do for your smile to defend against knocked-out or broken teeth, soft tissue injuries, and other results of contact to the face or mouth. Please bring your mouth guards to your bi-annual cleaning and exam visits with our Katy, TX team so that we can routinely evaluate its fits and make sure it is still in good working condition. As your children grow and their jaw further develops, a new mouth guard may be required to protect their teeth and gums during sporting activities.

Are Mouth Guards Covered by Insurance?

Our dentist can help you determine if a sports mouth guard is right for your family's needs. To learn if this type of appliance is covered by your dental insurance, a member of our team will contact your provider. At Made Ya Smile, we understand that sports is may be a significant part of your life and want to help each member of your family keep their smiles healthy and happy. Our practice takes several easy payment methods and can give you information on flexible financing plans that carry no or low interest. We are happy to work with you to cover any personal costs and help you find a solution that makes your care fit comfortably within your family's budget.

Mouth Guards FAQ

How long do athletic mouth guards last?
Athletic mouth guards for adults in Katy, TX can last several years. However, children and teenagers may need to replace their athletic mouthpiece more often to maintain a good fit. To keep a comfortable fit and durability of your mouth guard, our team recommends having your custom mouth guard evaluated every six months during your biannual dental appointments.

Are custom athletic mouth guards better than store-bought boil and bite guards?
A sports mouth guard that is made custom for you will not only be made from better quality materials than a store-bought one but will also fit better. Our dentists recommend being fitted for a custom mouth guard at our Katy, TX Made Ya Smile office to protect your smile.

What kinds of injuries can an athletic mouth guard protect against?
An athletic mouth guard can protect your teeth, tongue, and other soft tissue areas in your mouth from being damaged. We often recommend a custom mouth guard to avoid chipping, losing, or breaking your teeth when playing contact sports. To find a dentist that can fit you for a custom sports mouth guard near you, contact our office today.

Custom Mouth Guards for Sports

Custom athletic mouth guards can help protect your family's smiles when playing contact or non-contact sports. These high-quality and durable appliances are designed for each individual and fit comfortably in the mouth to cover the teeth and gums and minimize strain on the teeth and damage from physical impact. If you and your family members love to play sports, talk with our dentist about your options for protective sports mouth guards. Our Made Ya Smile team in Katy, TX is ready to schedule your consultation and help you protect the oral health of those you love the most.

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