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What is Emergency Dental Care?

Dental emergencies may bring stress and discomfort to your life but our caring team at Made Ya Smile in Katy, TX, is here to help. Our emergency dentist is skilled in all phases of dentistry and will quickly work to restore health and appearance to the smile when you or a family member has a dental emergency. While some emergencies cause an inconvenience like a broken or chipped tooth, other types of emergencies, such as knocked-out (avulsed) teeth, require immediate care to save oral structures and prevent damage and tooth loss. To accommodate our patients, we leave room in our practice schedule to treat dental emergencies as fast and efficiently as possible when they occur.

We strive to treat your dental emergency on the same day. If you have an emergency after-hours or on the weekend, please contact our team for information on how to care for your mouth until we can see you. It is very important to seek emergency care as soon as possible to preserve the health of your smile, even if you are not experiencing any pain. For fast, efficient, and convenient emergency dental care in Katy, TX, contact Made Ya Smile today.

Do I Need Emergency Dental Care?

We realize that dental emergencies are not planned and can happen to anyone on any given day. If you have a dental emergency in the evenings or over the weekends, our emergency dentists will do their best to get you in as soon as possible to treat your needs. We will give you instructions over the phone on how to best manage your condition until you arrive at our practice. Though we work to restore both health and appearance to any injuries or damage that occurs to your teeth, gums, and restorations, our primary goal is to get you out of pain and stabilized before moving on to repairing your smile.

Any sort of trauma or damage that impacts your mouth, whether from sports, accidents, or other events, should be evaluated by our emergency dentist as early as possible. Though not all types of emergencies leave you feeling pain or discomfort, it is still important to your overall health and wellness to have us take a look. We treat all types of dental emergencies. Dental emergencies like knocked-out or dislodged teeth need immediate care as quickly as possible for successful re-implantation of the tooth. Time is truly of the essence in such situations.

Some of the most common emergencies that we see in our practice include:

  • Broken teeth or fillings
  • Dislodged restorations (bridges or crowns)
  • Partially knocked-out teeth (extrusion)
  • Knocked-out teeth (avulsion)
  • Toothaches
  • Abscessed or infected teeth
  • Unexplained bleeding
  • Soft tissue injuries


What Should I Expect from Urgent Dental Care in Katy, TX?

When you arrive at our dental practice, we will get you back to our treatment rooms and assess your condition. Our emergency dentist will work quickly and efficiently to minimize your discomfort and restore health to your mouth. Each dental emergency is treated on a case-by-case basis to ensure all patients receive personalized care for their unique needs. Our team may take digital x-rays or 3D oral scans of your head and mouth to fully assess any damage and determine the most ideal treatment approach. Once we have this information and our dentist has evaluated your emergency, your options for care will be presented to you.

Depending on your needs and preferences, we may go ahead and render care at that time. In some cases, we may bring you back in at a later time, when it is more convenient for you, or if your tissues need time to heal before receiving restorative care (for example, if swelling or inflammation is impeding the placement of a filling or crown). If you have suffered head, neck, or facial trauma, please go straight to the emergency room first to have injuries assessed by a medical doctor. Our team can always provide care to restore your smile and oral health once your condition is stable.

What Is the Recovery Like for Emergency Dental Care?

At the end of your dental emergency visit, our team will let you know if you need any follow-up procedures and review instructions on taking care of your mouth after your treatment. We will also provide tips on how to avoid the possibility of future dental emergencies and may recommend custom athletic mouth guards when playing sports. To keep your teeth from breaking and chipping, you should avoid chewing on pens, fingernails, ice, and other hard objects that may cause damage to your smile.

Our dentist may prescribe antibiotics or pain medication to treat infection or pain in the mouth. Ice packs may also be useful to help control any facial or jaw swelling that you experience. Sticking to a diet of soft foods may be a good idea until your mouth is back to full working order. Once your dental emergency has been treated, we recommend keeping up with a good home care routine and regular visits to Made Ya Smile in Katy, TX, for dental cleanings and exams to keep your smile healthy and happy.

Does My Insurance Cover Dental Emergencies?

Your dental insurance may provide some coverage for emergency visits and care. To learn more about your coverage, our office will contact your provider and let you know if there will be any personal expenses. At Made Ya Smile, we understand that dental emergencies are never planned. Our dentist and team will work with you to find solutions that best meet your budget and treatment needs. Our practice is pleased to accept a range of payment types and can provide information on financing care through CareCredit® low-interest plans.

Emergency Dental Care FAQ

What might be considered a dental emergency?
Lingering pain, sudden swelling, or a great deal of discomfort could all be considered a dental emergency. If you've lost a tooth filling, crown, or another fixed dental appliance, you should call our office to see if you need emergency care.

What should I do if a tooth gets knocked out?
If you or your child experiences a knocked-out tooth, you should call us immediately. We will do our best to fit you in right away so we can make every effort to save the tooth. Before coming in, try to put the tooth back into the socket, but if you can't, you can place it in a bit of milk — this will help keep the tooth alive and healthy until you get to the office.

When is a toothache considered an emergency?
If you have dental pain that is keeping you up at night or doesn't seem to go away, you should give our office a call. It could be a sign of a tooth infection, which we should try to address as soon as possible.

Schedule Your Emergency Dental Care Appointment

Dental emergencies are best treated as quickly and efficiently as possible by a team you trust. Our emergency dentist and staff here at Made Ya Smile have years of experience in treating all types of emergencies, even those that require immediate care. From broken and infected teeth to knocked-out teeth or fillings, we are here to help when you need us most and will work to restore comfort, health, and appearance to your smile. Call our Katy, TX team right away if you or a family member has a dental emergency.

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