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What Is 3D Oral Imaging?

Modern dental technology has dramatically improved how patients experience dentistry in a number of ways. One such improvement is through the use of a 3D dental scan in Katy, TX, known as 3D oral imaging. Using cone beam scanning technology, 3D images show your teeth, underlying bone, and facial structures in crisp detail and deliver a superior ability for our dentist to diagnose conditions and plan for optimal treatment results. Patients appreciate the non-invasiveness of 3D imaging, as it uses far less radiation than traditional dental radiographs. 3D scans produce images that enable our Made Ya Smile team to take a more profound, whole-mouth approach to provide personalized care and help you make the best possible decisions for your family's oral health.

Incorporating 3D oral imaging into our treatment approach brings a higher standard of care to Katy, TX patients. These scans create a 360-degree image of your teeth, jawbones, sinus cavities, facial structures, and ears, along with other portions of your neck and head. Our team can then use this information to diagnose conditions often earlier than with other means and accurately plan for the ideal treatments to restore oral health. With such detailed images, our team can frequently treat problems early on before they grow into larger issues and save your family time and money down the road. We use 3D scans when treatment planning for wisdom tooth extractions, full mouth reconstruction, dental implant surgery, and a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Contact our friendly team right now and schedule your visit to learn in 3D imaging can benefit your oral health.

Who Is a Candidate for 3D Oral Scans?

3D oral imaging is a safe process for patients of ages and may be an important aspect of planning procedures that meet your family's needs. Our cone beam 3D dental scan in Katy, TX, captures high-quality images of the mouth, face, head, neck, and jaw by rotating 360 degrees around your head. Patients at every stage in life can benefit from this type of diagnostic procedure. Our dentist may use 3D imaging to evaluate kids for orthodontic needs and monitor the various stages of jaw development and tooth eruption. These scans are also extremely helpful when determining if impacted or wisdom teeth require extraction and planning the best treatment timing for these procedures. Adults who need teeth replaced with dental implants or restorative and cosmetic care like smile makeovers may also be ideal candidates for cone beam images. Even conditions like oral trauma, TMJ disorders, and endodontic problems can be better served by planning for care with high-definition 3D oral imaging in Katy, TX. 

How Does 3D Oral Imaging Work?

The process of having a 3D dental scan in Katy, TX, made of your head and neck is comfortable, efficient, and very fast. A member of our team will position you in front of our imaging machine. It will then move around your head in a circle while capturing snapshots of your face at different angles. The final images reveal a complete picture of your teeth, roots, jawbone, nerves, facial bones, sinus cavities, ears, and other structures in your head and neck areas. Please let us know if you are expecting or think you might be pregnant so that we can take special precautions. Once your 3D images are taken, they immediately become part of your file and are transmitted digitally into our system. 3D cone beam scans take less than 40 seconds to complete. Our dentist will then review your images with you and point out any areas of concern or special interest. Our team places great value on educating you about your oral health and empowering you to take a proactive approach to treating any dental needs.

What Happens After the 3D Imaging Process?

The results of your 3D imaging in Katy, TX, will be kept in your file and used to personalize your care to help you select the best treatment options for bringing health and beauty to your smile. Though digital dental x-rays are still highly beneficial in many situations, 3D cone beam images may be used as part of your preventive or restorative treatment plan or during routine exams to yield the most accurate information for assessing dental conditions. Regardless of whether your oral health needs are simple or extensive, our dentist and team strive to bring high-quality care to every dental visit. We may use 3D scans when greater detail is needed, to amplify our ability to diagnose certain conditions, or when dental x-rays cannot provide the level of diagnostic ability that we believe is best. 3D scans may be taken as part of your routine visits to Made Ya Smile in Katy, TX, or when planning for oral surgery, restorative, or cosmetic treatments.

Does Insurance Cover 3D Dental Imaging?

3D digital images for diagnosis may be taken at your annual dental exam visits or as needed to evaluate your oral health. Most dental insurance plans provide some coverage for diagnostic procedures like oral imaging. To learn about your specific plan benefits, our team will contact your insurance provider. Any personal expenses will be discussed before we take your images. Our Katy, TX, family practice is proud to accept convenient payment solutions, including low-cost financing payment plans with CareCredit®. If you would like more information on how we can help make your dental care easier to afford, talk with a member of our friendly team today.

3D Oral Imaging FAQ

What exactly is 3D oral imaging in Katy, TX, used for?
A 3D dental scan in Katy, TX, is a great way to take a comprehensive look at your entire mouth. This means that it is an excellent tool that helps with many dental procedures. This can include root canal therapy, sleep apnea treatment, implant placement, tooth extractions, and more.

Does 3D oral imaging in Katy, TX hurt?
No, a dental scan in Katy, TX, doesn't hurt. It is often preferred over traditional x-rays because the results are more sought after, the procedure is completed quickly, and it is usually more comfortable for our patients.

What should be done to prepare for 3D imaging in Katy, TX?
On the day of your scan, we may ask you to remove any earrings, glasses, metal hairpins, or hearing aids. This is because these items could interfere with the imaging. Other than that, you won't be asked to do anything specific to prepare. It is important to let our team know if you are nursing or pregnant so that we can take precautions.

Is radiation exposure a problem with a 3D dental scan in Katy, TX?
No, radiation exposure is not an issue. The amount you are exposed to is minimal. However, our team is extremely careful when we take your scans. We will only advise you to get a dental scan in Katy, TX, when it is necessary to improve your oral health. You can ask our dental team for additional information when you arrive for your appointment.

State-of-the-Art Dental Technology

Advanced 3D imaging in Katy, TX, with 3D scanning technology, is changing how patients receive dental care by offering enhanced diagnostics and better treatment planning abilities. Our dentist and team at Made Ya Smile in Katy, TX, are proud to bring this whole-mouth approach to evaluating oral health in greater detail to patients of all ages. With these scans, we can often identify treatment needs earlier on and take a more conservative approach to restore oral health and an attractive smile. We invite you to contact our modern family dental practice to learn more about how 3D imaging can be an integral part of your dental experiences.

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