Tips to Do in the Event That You Experience Periodontal Bleeding

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When you see some blood near your gums after you clean your teeth, you could mistakenly assume that it's no big deal and forget about it. Factors like bad brushing techniques, pregnancy, injury, and puffy gums could contribute to bleeding gums. It could also be a symptom of gum disease. To discover the source of your periodontal bleeding and determine the best procedure, call our dental professionals at Made Ya Smile Katy, TX. If you have bleeding or puffy gum tissues, reach out to our Katy, TX dental center today to set up a checkup with one of our dental professionals.

Approaches to address bleeding from the gums

Bleeding from the gums while you clean your teeth can be a symptom of a serious issue. Red, uncomfortable, and puffy gums may signify gum disease, forming because of improper buildup elimination or inadequate oral health. Figuring out the root cause of bleeding gums with a dentist is key to deciding which treatment is required. For now, we will review some effective tips to address bleeding gums from our knowledgeable professionals at Made Ya Smile Katy, TX.

  • Increase your consumption of vitamin K and vitamin C: Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that bolsters connective tissue and safeguards your gum tissues, while vitamin K is a critical nutrient that helps your blood clot. When you are missing either one, you can eat certain kinds of fruits and vegetables comprising these powerful antioxidants or find supplements.
  • Use warm salted water or hydrogen peroxide: In the case that bleeding gums emerge because of an injury to the mouth, rinsing with warm salt water can remove dangerous bacteria to reduce your odds of getting a dental infection. Individuals may also attempt cleansing with hydrogen peroxide after brushing. However, remember not to swallow.
  • Have excellent oral hygiene: When you don't brush or floss well, tartar can gather on the gum tissues. In the event that tartar is not cleaned, it, over time, can cause bloody gums, periodontal disease, or cavities.
  • Stop smoking: Using tobacco both heightens your odds of cardiac disease, stroke, and lung cancer and has also been tied to periodontal disease. Using tobacco products can impact your body's immunity, making it harder to ward off plaque in your mouth and cause periodontal disease.
  • Opt for minimal carb-heavy foods and sugary treats: Research has proven that managing your carbohydrate intake can likewise lessen your chances for gum disease and improve your oral health. Sugary treats and carbs promote the accumulation of germs and tartar.

Call our team if you need to see a dental professional or periodontist in Katy, TX

People should visit a professional in the event that their symptoms don't recover within a couple of weeks of practicing these simple tips. Individuals could need a thorough assessment and biannual cleaning to eliminate tartar to let their gum tissues recover. At Made Ya Smile Katy, TX, we perform comprehensive dental cleanings, periodontal therapies, and SRP (scaling and root planing) treatments for those with sensitive gum tissues or periodontal disease. To get more information, call our professionals or set up an exam at our Katy, TX facility.

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