How To Prepare For Dental Implant Surgery

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Dental implants are suitable for all cases where you are missing teeth, including in situations where an entire arch is gone. An implant features a titanium screw that enters the jaw bone structure and produces a foundation similar to what natural dental roots create. The design ensures the security of your new crown without risking bone loss or weakness around the surrounding natural teeth.

At Made Ya Smile of Katy, TX we pride ourselves on bringing the most advanced solutions to restoring the smiles of our patients and their dental implants. Since this is a surgery, you’ll need to make the proper preparations to ensure success.

Here are some steps to follow when getting ready for your surgery:

Understanding the dental implant process

During the process, a dentist will apply a numbing agent around the gum tissue and then complete an incision in the gums. The implant post will enter through the incision and be implanted within the surrounding bone structure. Sutures will go over the gums to heal the surface, allowing the open space to be covered well. It takes three to six months for the area to recover from the procedure, and you will receive the permanent crown on top to replace the temporary crown that you had at the start.

Be ready for a thorough exam

Your dentist will complete a three-dimensional scan of your mouth to identify where the implant will go before the work starts. Be sure to follow the instructions we provide here to help us prepare an implant that fits the right space.

A dental cleaning will also be necessary for most situations. The cleaning process helps us get a better idea of what your smile looks like and what we can expect from the procedure.

Fasting before the surgery

You will need to fast for at least twelve hours before your surgery to ensure you will not produce any reuptake during the process. This step is necessary if you require general anesthesia. Our team at Made Ya Smile can provide anesthesia for the procedure if you wish.

Antibiotics may be necessary

You may require antibiotics before the surgery to improve how your immune system responds and to clear any bacteria that might interfere with the procedure. Antibiotics are especially critical for patients with chronic health conditions, people with weak immune systems, and those who have undergone any sort of medical transplant.

Adjust your lifestyle for the best results

Be sure you also keep your lifestyle under control before undergoing surgery. You will need to treat any other underlying health issues you have first, plus you’ll need to abstain from smoking or stop doing so beforehand. You may be rejected for an implant if you don’t care for these problems first, as these issues can reduce the effectiveness of the surgical procedure.

Restore your smile with dental implants today

Be sure you are prepared for dental implants and that you know what to do before the procedure starts. You can contact our team at Made Ya Smile of Katy, TX when you’re ready to restore your smile with dental implants. Visit our website to learn more about how we can prepare dental implants and schedule a visit for services.

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